Biz Stone- From An Undergraduate To A Net Worth Of US$200 Million

A creative mind knows no boundaries. This statement is as true as it sounds. A person with even a slightest bend towards creativity will always be on the edge of his mind to introduce a unique idea into this world. Born on March 10, 1974, Christopher Isaac Stone, also known as Biz Stone, is an American entrepreneur and one of the co-founder of world’s popular microblogging app Twitter. Stone is a perfect example of a kid who badly wanted to enter the tech-business world. His first start-up was way back in 1999 named as Xanga. It is a weblogs, photoblogs, and social networking profiles host.

Stone attended three educational institutions during his academic phase. He initially graduated from Wellesley High School and then he attended Northeastern University and University of Massachusetts, Boston. Although attended, Stone did not complete his graduation in either of them. He was a nerd from high-school itself and was eager to break into the technological industry.

The Story of Co-founding Twitter
To be an entrepreneur you’ve to be hundred times smarter than everyone. Biz Stone gripped this formula into his mind and applied it at the very early stages in his career. Stone was one of the people working in the building phases of Twitter along with the man behind the idea i.e. Eve Williams while working on Odeo, which was a pod-cast startup. One fine day, Stone mailed Eve and asked a courageous question, “Maybe this is inappropriate, but if I don’t ask, I’ll never know! What do you envision my title to be? Is there a chance I could be called the co-founder?”

This question, a dare in itself, set a mutual understanding between Eve Williams and Biz Stone which would further help them grow the company multiple folds. Eve, after lots of thought turmoil, finally decided to take Stone on board as the ‘co-founder’ of Twitter and gave him 3% share in the company.

A Multi-level Entrepreneur
Biz Stone has never experienced taking a halt in his career. From the beginning itself he had engrossed himself into multiple businesses. He is a leading investor and encouraging advisor in the startup community. He sits on the board of director chair at Beyond Meat, Medium, Workpop and Polaroid Swing. Stone has worked for Google for two years from 2003 to 2005. Stone own’s a start-up, Jelly, a one-of-a-kind search engine which would have a person to answer every question posted on it.

Stone’s creative level is not just bound to tech-space but to the visual storytelling medium too. He, in collaboration with Ron Howard and Canon USA, debuted as a director for a short film titled Evermore. Along with Natalie Portman, Stone was an Executive Producer of the documentary Eating Animals. For some personal reasons Stone left Twitter some years back but has recently, in May 2015, announced his comeback in Twitter. Stone was awarded the Doctor of Laws degree by the Babson College in 2011. He has published three informational books titled Blogging Genius Strategies for Instant Web Content in 2011, Who Let The Blogs Out? In 2004, and Things a Little Bird Told me in 2014. Stone is married to Livia and has a son Jacob and currently resides in Marin County, California.

Evermore from Augussta on Vimeo.

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