Get Your Dream Job With AI Driven Job Search Engine From GOOGLE

Finding a suitable job which does justice to your skill set and work experience is what everyone desires. And believe me, it’s getting harder with every passing day. Few vacancies and so many qualified candidates, you got to act fast, else, another opportunity will slip through your fingers. Although, we have so many job portals to apparently make our hunt for jobs easier, but even checking all the listings on every such site is in itself quite tedious. Not anymore! Google, as always, has something which will surely bring us all some relief.

On 20th June 2017, Google launched an AI (Artificial Intelligence) driven job search aid, integrated within the search engine itself, which is going to virtually combine together the results from major job search boards like LinkedIn, WayUp, Direct Employers, Monster, CareerBuilder, Facebook for your ease. With this all new feature, you no more need to look into all the sites separately. Just a simple Google search and you got the most relevant job postings within a second or less. Not just the results from other sites, Google is also going to show you the jobs posted on a company’s official wall.

You just need to type a simple query like “jobs near me,” “writing jobs”, “jobs in ABC company” etc. into the search bar and you will be redirected to the widget showing the most relevant postings matching your keywords. It is AI’s job to identify that you are looking for jobs and thus, need the help of Google’s job search feature and it won’t stop there. Within the widget you will be provided with different categories and choices like title, date of posting, location etc. in order to get a better idea of what you are actually looking for. Once that’s done, you can even save that final query and Google will make sure to remind you if there is something new matching your description of job requirement.

Zakrasek, Google’s product manager for this project, told TechCrunch “Finding a job is like dating, each person has a unique set of preferences and it only takes one person to fill this job.”

In order to be completely reliable, Google has to filter through duplicate results and show only those which provide complete and true job bio. And that’s what they are working on. Moreover, Google showed no interest in becoming a sort of job portal in itself. They are an add company and that’s what this feature will be doing without getting in way of other job portals.

“We want the players in the ecosystem to be more successful. Anything beyond that is not in Google’s wheelhouse” Zakrasek added

For now, the feature is only available in US  and most likely will be rolled out to other countries in phases.


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Anoop Singh

Anoop Singh

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Anoop Singh