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Can you imagine a dyslexic kid to be growing up and becoming a beast of the business world? Meet Richard Branson, the owner of Virgin group of companies. Richard Branson ventured into the business world at the tender age of 16. From dropping out of school and starting his own business to grow it into a billion dollar mountain, Richard has set an example before today’s youth to take risks and think bigger. Richard CharlesRead More
Biz Stone
A creative mind knows no boundaries. This statement is as true as it sounds. A person with even a slightest bend towards creativity will always be on the edge of his mind to introduce a unique idea into this world. Born on March 10, 1974, Christopher Isaac Stone, also known as Biz Stone, is an American entrepreneur and one of the co-founder of world’s popular microblogging app Twitter. Stone is a perfect example of aRead More
Evan Spiegal
Born to the lawyer parents, Evan Spiegel led a privileged childhood. He received his first computer when he was just in the 6th grade. The lavish life during his childhood never seemed to hold him back from his interests. Evan was a nerd from childhood itself. He grew up in Pacific Palisades, California and completed schooling from Crossroads School for Arts and Sciences in Santa Monica. His interest particularly lied in technology and design andRead More
Success is the result of abundant knowledge. Human mind is capable of absorbing as much as knowledge we feed to it. A person working in a particular field acquires deeper and deeper knowledge of that field. But the essential part is to extend that horizon ‘wide’ along with the ‘deep dive’. Walmart made a smart move to handover the CEO position to a person whose mind is equipped with the knowledge from basic to theRead More

Michael Dell, the Founder of Dell Inc.

Posted by Harshal Pawar   on November 22, 2017
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Mid 1970s was the time when computers had started entering every house. The world was introduced to a machine which possessed the potential to complete people’s tasks in the matter of minutes. And, providing these services were just a handful of companies who were dominating the market. This, in turn, resulted in higher profits for the companies and only a particular set of class benefiting from the products due to their higher cost. But theRead More
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